Thursday, August 13, 2009

Konor's football practice Aug. 2009

I was at Konor's football practice the other night and I had our little point and shoot camera with me and thought I would try to take some video to share with you. It's not the greatest because it was my first time using the recorder on this camera and the sun was so bright that I couldn't see the screen so I just pointed it towards the action. All of these excuses are to introduce this short and shaky video of Konor's debut as quarterback (he's in the gold pants - if you listen real close you can hear his little voice saying "down, set..." and calling the "huddle") - I will post some of the games once they start in a few weeks. Oh yea, Keirston is at the very beginning (in her Edward shirt - notice how excited she is to be at her brothers practice) - she wanted me to take her out but I don't know how to do that yet - LOL * I just watched the video again so I can tell you where Konor is - the first part is pretty easy cause he is qb and then he runs back a little and throws the ball - then they huddle and he is on the left side of the huddle but blocked by a kid in a black tshirt - you can see one of his coaches (Coach Berney/Daddy) walk up and then listen for K to call out Bumble bee right ... and then they break and he hands off the ball to the halfback who runs it up the middle.


Anonymous said...

Now that's the way you play football. Good job Konor. :-)


Sharlene said...

This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! We love it (Stormy says she loves it most). Now you need to get a video camera!!!!!!!

Konor ROCKS the football team!!!! Go KONOR, WORLD's GREATEST QUARTERBACK!!!!!


Jennette - Trike said...

The happiest of new years to you and your blog readers!